More Than Just a Nonprofit


During a crisis, Phil Stafford leaps into action with his nonprofit organization

 N.J. Food & Clothing Rescue. We work both individually and team up with other organizations, individuals, and grassroots groups when a crisis arises to help the most vulnerable, including homeless people, seniors, veterans, families in crisis, and groups that are often food-insecure, especially those that are falling into the cracks. Stafford and his network of people, which is spread out all over northern NJ, secure food in many ways and redistribute it rapidly to those in need. 


Each week, we normally receive donations of around a ton of food

Both perishable and nonperishable—as well as toiletries, diapers, and household essentials and redistribute it directly and indirectly to hundreds of people every week. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we also did street outreaches twice a month, helping the homeless and holding a pantry for about 70 local food-insecure families.


These activities are now on hold due to an invisible foe!

 Now, the focus is on helping those that are trying to avoid getting sick from the virus. Superman as Stafford is often called, and his sidekicks are working with mayors, health departments, churches, pantries, and soup kitchens in multiple towns and counties, including the Clifton boys and girls club, making bagged kids lunches and helping hand out 1000s of food packages in drive-up food distribution events.

In his spare time, he delivers meals on wheels in Garfield and is helping provide meals and care packages to nurses from out of state that are staying at a hotel while helping fight this villain, COVID-19.

All that Superman and his fellow heroes do is done without having a headquarters to work from. They are actively looking for a place to call home. Everything they do is made possible by donations, both in-kind and monetary.

Stafford works seven days a week and often 80 hours or more and takes no pay.

You can be a superhero too.